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Torch Fire Truck is “Must Have Toy”

Worx Toys Torch Fire Truck is Must Have Toy

Worx Toys Fire Engine Review  
by Judy Rose, RECE

Worx Toys Interactive Educational Learning Vehicles: Speedster Race Car, Apex Police Helicopter, Torch Remote Control Fire Truck

This is a must have toy for the child who loves to see how things work. The toy has a transparent exterior so the working parts can be seen. (Perfect for the child who is curious and always taking things apart to see how they work). It also comes with a hard cover story book that explains the working parts. Shape codes are included throughout the book next to the images. The codes are entered either on the toy or on the remote that is included. The shape code commands raise and lower the ladder, sounds the siren, and identifies parts on the fire engine.

When we tested this toy with our 5 year old tester, she fell in love with it from the start. She loved to watch the parts move and especially enjoyed making the toy move with the remote. She had fun discovering what the toy was able to do.

This toy will certainly satisfy any child’s curiosity, stimulates creativity while teaching. Put this toy under the Christmas tree and watch the excitement. A perfect gift for Christmas or for a birthday.

Worx Toys Inc.
North York, Ontario
Suggested retail price: $65.00
Available online and at specialty stores across Canada