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Worx Toys is “an ingenious combination of entertainment and education” according to The Celebrity Cafe

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One of the most pressing issues for a parent is finding a toy for their child that is both fun and educational. Enter Worx Toys, an ingenious combination of entertainment and education your child will spend hours exploring.

Worx Toys presents mechanics and science in a fun, interactive format. How does that pull-and-release car go? With Worx Toys your child will see the inner parts actually work! Each toy is made with a durable, colorful and translucent plastic that allows children to look inside while the toy is operating. They also features more than 20 light and sound features for hours of entertainment.

Founded by three fathers with curious children of their own, Worx Toys is an ideal gift for children of all ages. Every toy comes with its very own interactive storybook. When used with the Worx Toy Transmitter, the toy comes to life with lights and sounds to correspond with the storybook adventure!

Not only is Worx Toys fun to play with, they provide a fantastic point of discussion mom and dad can join in on.

Worx Toys Interactive Educational Learning Vehicles: Speedster Race Car, Apex Police Helicopter, Torch Remote Control Fire Truck